You did not come here by chance...

An intuitive nudge or curiosity to seek something that resonates with you BROUGHT YOU HERE.


"I am your guide to discover self-healing."
--Susan Dalmer

Susan Dalmer is passionate about helping people and companion animals to experience emotional and physical harmony leading to overall improved health and wellbeing.”

In today’s fast pace demanding lives of our society has steeped us in stress, anxiety, unfulfillment, toxins, and negativity which has been proven to causes ailments to chronic disease.

It is up to you to have an open mind and a desire to take back control and responsibility to heal your mind, body, spirit, and soul.


In essence one can not be a healer

Until one self heals’.

Only then one may teach and

Guide another to learn to heal themselves

With evolving knowledge and understanding

Healing is forever on-going’.

You will be guided to a relaxation state where you can experience true blissful sensations of destressing. With continued practice turning the outside world off and moving your mindful thoughts and visions to venture inward with proper breathe techniques will lead to a wonderful releasing of stress while leaving your body and mind in a tranquil calm. How awesome is that?

By having a distant/remote healing session in the comfort of your home you will optimize the benefits of these experiences rather than having to leave your practitioner’s office back out in the chaotic world environment so soon afterward.

A wonderful healing experience is about to unfold freeing yourself from dogma, society’s programming that has hindered our self-growth and healing.

I am so excited that you took your first step towards learning how to feel not just better but to be a healthier happy “Vibrant You”.

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