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Distant/Remote Pendulum Alchemy Healing is a practice that influences an emotional or physical issue in the goal of positive outcome.

A specially designed pendulum is a tool used in pendulum alchemy that is based on quantum physics involving movement and frequency of color energies which then influence a possible outcome alongside a clear formulated intention.

We all possess the ability to tap into these energies for our “highest good”.

Susan will also use charts to gain details to suggest the best directive to activate the best healing outcome.

Pendulum Alchemy 45 minute session $60

15 minute consultation as to what you want to address in regards to for example: your present health, past emotional or physical trauma or wanting to take a new direct in a life decision.

You can change things in your life by taking steps forward with the help of Susan’s skill of Pendulum Alchemy it can assist by making your desired outcomes more possible.

An In-depth Pendulum healing requires several layers of emotional healing, may require time regression and various consulting of alchemy charts: $125

Once we discuss your desired goals during the consult afterwards I will perform the work necessary and e-mail a report of work within 24 hours.

You will then open your awareness to any noticeable subtle changes or sensations that are new or different. And at anytime welcome to report feedback by e-mail.


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Energy healing modalities have no boundaries or limits! That is correct. You arrange an appointment time with Susan. A session can be set up via phone or Facebook video messenger. With relaxation guidance to help relax you allowing you to thoroughly benefit from healing experience fully. Reiki practitioner facilitate healing energy systematically over various areas of your body while in the comfort of your own home.  Afterwards Susan will submit an e-mailed report and we then can discuss your experience and experiences of subtle sensations and changes during and afterwards.


15 minute consult to discuss what your healing needs are, here are a few examples: is it to address emotional issues, relieve stress and anxieties, pain management?

1 hour duration cost $95

Pre-booked packages:


  • 15 minute consult
  • 3 session package $270:

Reiki and self healing package $445:

  • 15 minute consult
  • 5 sessions 1 hour each:
  • Includes a journal to help support self discovering and growth called “Practice you”
  • (sessions must be fulfilled within an 8 week period from first date of first session given.)

Please contact me to set up an appointment and Let us begin your journey of relaxation and self-healing.

“Be the Vibrant and Happy You”


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Reiki for all living beings dogs, cats, horses to lizards.

I so enjoy Reiki with animals because they are highly sensitive to energies and instinctively understand and welcome absorbing the healing properties.

The therapeutic benefits  to list a few for example are: pain management from arthritis, speeds healing during recovery of surgery, anxieties, aggression and grieving of a love family member and also end of life transitioning.

Animal Reiki Distant/Remote:

15 minute consultation and 30 minute Reiki: $60

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